Maria - Cactus Vegan Leather Red Loafer

Maria - Cactus Vegan Leather Red Loafer

Meet María, the Mexican vegan leather loafers. Made of CACTUS leather, the classic María are ideal to be comfortable and confident in your day to day or to dazzle on your weekends. Use them at work and in the meeting after work ...


Handmade in Mexico. Plant-based and vegan. Sustainable and cruelty free.


The cactus leather we use is a highly sustainable plant-based material (nopal cactus) distinguished by its softness to the touch. Like 100% of the materials we use, it was developed in Mexico and manufactured by Mexican hands.


Are you a medium size? Size up.

Example: Are you a size 7.5? We recommend choosing 8.

If you are a full size, choose the exact size.

This model fits well to all types of foot, even with a high instep.

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