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Exchanges in Mexico

The most important thing for us is your satisfaction with each product you buy at CARMONA COLLECTION. For this, we accept the change of your products under the following specifications:

  • You can request a change within the first 5 calendar days of receiving your order. This change can be for the same model in a different size or a different model of equal or greater cost than the initial one, paying the corresponding difference.

  • Only products that have not been used will be accepted, with the sole and the upper part intact, unwashed, odorless, with all its accessories and with the original box.

  • CARMONA COLLECTION will absorb the cost of the change in a single and first time.

    • In purchases with promotions (DISCOUNTS, MONTHS WITH NO INTEREST and / or PROMOTIONAL CODES) the cost of the change must be absorbed by the client, the cost of the change would be $ 240 pesos ($ 120 pesos return to the Carmona Collection and $ 120 pesos return to the client ).

  • In case of change due to defect or hidden defect, you have up to 20 days to request it, in which case CARMONA COLLECTION will absorb the cost of the change, regardless of the cost of the product or if the product was purchased under any promotion. Once the 20 days have passed, no changes can be made.

  • To make a change, photographs of the upper and lower part of the shoe, showing that it has no use, should be sent to the email to be evaluated. In case of default change, a photo must be sent showing and highlighting the defect.

  • No monetary refunds of any kind apply: cash, transfers, etc.

  • In case you have registered the wrong address and if the package returns to our address, you will be charged for the second shipment according to the rate established by the package.

  • In case of any other doubt or clarification, please contact us at or via WhatsApp at 4771354802.

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