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For the future of our planet and ours

Image by Yaniv Knobel
Image by Alisa Golovinska
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The material we use to manufacture our footwear is a sustainable, vegan and organic, CACTUS-based product, which replaces the use of animal leather and synthetics that harm the environment. In addition, we search and find sustainable options for each element that integrate a CARMONA shoe (lining, sole and reinforcements). So you can buy without worries.

We believe that being a #MadeInMexico product is not enough, so all the materials we use to create each pair of CARMONA are made in Mexico. Because we celebrate Mexican design and products.


Our shoes are manufactured by expert craftsmen, each pair is made with great care, while we take care of the people who make them. Because we believe in justice and social responsibility, we are a #FairTrade with our allies and suppliers.

The Carmona Ladies

With the strength and wit of three generations, today we join the ecological revolution, integrating sustainable and innovative materials into our footwear designs.

Founded by three sisters in León Guanajuato, where making shoes is a tradition, Carmona Collection is an innovative and responsible brand since their origins. 

Live the #ecostyle now.

Our commitments:


1.- Continuously improve, for the future of our planet and ours.

2.- Search and integrate more and more sustainable and responsible materials in the elaboration of our  footwear.

3.- Work hand in hand with companies with values similar to ours, socially responsible and committed to the environment.

4.- Work from the design to improve the logistics of our processes and thus reduce our environmental and social impact.

5.- Promote a vegan and sustainable lifestyle.

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