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Esther - Cactus Vegan Leather Green

Esther - Cactus Vegan Leather Green

Meet Esther, the Mexican vegan derby shoes. Made of CACTUS leather, the Esther adapt to any wardrobe, they are classic and essential; comfort and confidence in one. Put them on with a suit or jeans, with socks or without socks, skirt or dress, whatever you want, that's right.


Handmade in Mexico. Plant-based and vegan. Sustainable and cruelty free.


The cactus leather we use is a highly sustainable plant-based material (nopal) distinguished by its softness to the touch. Like 100% of the materials we use, it was designed in Mexico and manufactured by Mexican hands.


Are you a medium size? Size up.

Example: Are you a size 7.5? We recommend choosing 8.

If you are a full size, choose the exact size.

This model fits well to all types of foot, even with a high instep.

    $1,349.00 Regular Price
    $944.30Sale Price
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